Industrial Automation Services

    The industries served include energetics power mining chemicals and pharmaceuticals metals and minerals
    The main focus of this direction of our company is to provide customers with products and solutions for instrumentation, automation and optimization of industrial processes. The final result is improved asset productivity and energy savings.
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    Areas of expertise:

    IT & Telecommunications 90%
    Industrial Automation 90%
    DevOps 70%
    Cloud Computing 65%

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    Project Management

    include defining the client’s needs, overall project accountability, engineering schedules, cost estimates and trending, design review, project execution, progress reports and inspection of completed work.

    Technology Expertise

    we apply the latest technology from leading vendors to deliver the solutions customer needs through design, advanced controls, PLC configuration, HMI/SCADA development and more.

    Electrical Engineering

    include electrical design consultants and dedicated professionals capable of design assist and integrated project delivery of customized panels for the industry.

    Industrial Network

    products, solutions and professional services can help you manage your network infrastructure, industrial security and automation.

    Condition Monitoring

    include machine health and automation health monitoring and analysis. Diagnostic based detection of emerging errors and input data for proactive planning and maintenance implementation.

    Industrial Data Monitoring

    We provide customized dashboards and reports services that integrate data into billing, inventory, maintenance and other business systems.

    More about our Services & Expertise

    Technology Expertise Electrical Engineering Expertise Industrial Automation Systems Industrial IT Industrial IoT


    Noble Partners provides services for the design, manufacture and commissioning of electrical panels and equipment for a wide range of industrial facilities, acceptance tests, operating and maintenance manuals, on-site installation checks.

    We provide project management and accountability for all of our engineering activities.

    Our electrical design consultants are capable of delivering multiple types of configurations ranging from traditional design-bid-build to integrated project delivery.

    • Single Line Diagrams
    • Low voltage Switchgears and Motor Elementaries
    • PLC Control Panels and Loop Sheets
    • Industrial Server Cabinets and Fault-tolerant Industrial Switches
    • Control and Protection Panels
    • Industrial LAN and Industrial Fibre Optics, Protocol Convertors and much more …

    Our engineering team apply specific mathematical methodologies that can make visualization process more comprehensible.

    We have an integrated monitoring system that we provide to our customers with customized dashboards and reports containing vital data such as collection of real-time data and historical trends, performance, connectivity, different types of metrics that can be tracked and shared across an enterprise.

    Noble Partners condition monitoring services can be an integral part of your machine status monitoring program or serve as a basis for effective, practical training of your maintenance staff.

    Services can be easily adapted to individual requirements depending on location, processing area or specific measurements and analytical skills.

    We can provide the condition monitoring of determining the condition of the machine while it is in operation. Knowing what to observe, how to interpret it and when to use this knowledge, enables troubleshooting of problematic components before failure. Condition monitoring not only helps factory staff to reduce catastrophic damage, but also allows them to order parts in advance, plan workforce and plan other repairs during the downtime.


    If you are looking for support for your PLC, DCS, HMI or SCADA project, we can give you a competitive advantage through our industrial automation services.

    Our integrated hardware and software solutions are designed with the involvement of end-user stakeholders such as maintenance technicians, operators, engineers and management.

    Our main goal is always to provide systems that have been fully tested before they are put into operation. Our project implementation methodology requires a strict interpretation of customer requirements and their integration into hardware design and software control strategies.

    Noble Partners specializes in automated manufacturing and business system integration activities, serving primarily industrial customers with industrial processes. We offer a wide range of services focused on this industry, including automated turnkey systems, Industrial IoT and high-availability solutions.

    Noble Partners provides services for PLC/HMI/SCADA systems or migration for obsolete systems. We work on data acquisition systems, process control applications and third-party communication gateways. We make industrial communication networks design and provide full integration from primary devices at the factory floor to information at management levels. Our engineering experience in PLC/HMI/SCADA allows us to provide hardware and software configurations, field commissioning, documentation and training.

    Today the functionality of different control systems have merged. Our team of engineers, project managers and designers can help you with the following areas of competencies:

    • Configuration and Setup
    • Linear and Non-Linear Control Specifications
    • Tag Database Configuration
    • Alarming, Device Control and Interlocking
    • HMI with High Performance
    • Overview Screens and Statuses
    • Centralized Control Monitoring
    • Process and Tabular Graphics
    • Analysis, Data Logging and Trending
    • Video Integration (CCTV and Thermal)
    • SCADA Playback
    • Custom Interface Programming

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