Quality Management System

    Noble Partners is ISO 9001:2015 certified and complies with the following management statement of quality.

    The management team of Noble Partners Ltd declares that the following quality practices are in place across the company for providing the best customer service and quality assurance:

    • We will do our best to fulfill all expectations and requirements of our customers.
    • Noble Partners will achieve a competitive advantage for itself and its customers by providing flexible pricing and innovation.
    • We are building our products and services according to the respected Bulgarian laws and acts as well as all obligations corresponding from every single contract.
    • We know that investing in people is the best policy and we developed a training and educational system to provide our employees with the latest and greatest knowledge and practices in tech.
    • Our quality platform is changing constantly and our management team can and will change it to be aligned with current trends.
    • All Noble Partners employees should read and obey all the rules in this quality platform and make sure that all rules are applied every time in every contract.
    • We will monitor closely all key indexes and processes and will make changes accordingly.