Easily Implement IoT Applications with Microsoft Azure

    Easily Implement IoT Applications with Microsoft Azure
    October 18, 2018 Noble Partners

    WAGO’s PFC100 and PFC200 IoT Controllers are now Microsoft Azure certified. They are guaranteed to work seamlessly with the Azure Cloud from Microsoft. IoT projects can now be easily and safely implemented.


    WAGO Cloud Data Control and PFC100/PFC200 IoT Controllers are the perfect base for IoT applications. WAGO’s cloud service hosted at Microsoft Azure allows all integrated controllers to be monitored, while certification ensures smooth communication. WAGO Cloud Data Control is accessed via Web portal that provides standard functions including: project, controller and user management or controller status monitoring, alarm functions and email messaging. A dashboard displays text, tables, diagrams, display elements and command buttons for seamless and intuitive operation.

    Secure Communication

    The MQTT protocol provides a reliable and secure connection with TLS encryption. For customized solutions, the REST or OPC UA interface is used, for example, in energy monitoring or predictive maintenance applications. These IoT applications can be quickly and easily implemented using both certified controllers and WAGO Cloud Data Control.

    Of course, the user is not bound by WAGO’s cloud solution. The MQTT protocol can also be used with the IoT controllers to create custom solutions using Microsoft Azure.